Ambulance Corps Volunteer Named Westerly Citizen of the Year
June 26, 2024

The Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce honored Corps member Jamie Silvestri at its 67th annual membership dinner Wednesday June 26, recognizing him as Westerly’s citizen of the year. Jamie joined the Corps in 1997, taking over 200 calls before casting his sights on serving on the Westerly Town Council. Jamie is also a proud member of the Westerly Fire Department.

During a meeting of the “New Building Committee”, that was taking place on the front lawn of the Payne Memorial Building. Jamie; while walking his dog Brutus, stopped to say hello to committee members. Soon the conversation lead to an idea – Jamie had a vision of a land swap. In the next several months that followed Jamie became instrumental in fostering conversations with the Town of Westerly and Westerly School District leading to his vision. This 3-month conversation and negotiation in late 1999 paved the way for a new 16,000-foot ambulance facility to be designed and built by local architect Paul Azzinaro, opening in June 2002.

Congratulations Jamie!! Thank you for your dedication to the Corps!