Baby Boy Delivered
By President Ron MacDonald III
October 14, 2020

In Westerly, on October 14, 2020 just after midnight, the Westerly Ambulance Corps received a 9-1-1 call for a woman 39 weeks pregnant having contractions. Our primary crew of Paramedic Supervisor Michelle Disandro, EMT Kwadwo Nsiah, and Paramedic John Roache quickly responded and was followed by our second crew of EMT-C Samantha Pokraka and EMT Sarah Rayner to assist. Upon arrival, they found a female who stated she was getting ready to go to the hospital on their own but the strength and frequency of the contractions increased too quickly.

In less than a minute after the crew’s arrival, the baby’s head was presenting. As a Paramedic or EMT, that isn’t a lot of time to compose yourself with what is about occur but we always have to be prepared for the worst (or the best in this case). A healthy baby boy was delivered at 00:17 without incident and the father was given the honor of cutting the umbilical cord. The mother and baby were transported to South County Hospital. The mom, baby, and dad are all doing fine. We wish the parents, siblings and their new baby health, happiness and a wonderful future together.