Fire chiefs association’s video aims to inform public on statewide changes to CPR protocol
By The Westerly Sun - Jason Vallee
February 16, 2017

The Rhode Island Association of Fire Chiefs have released a public service video in advance of statewide changes to CPR protocols, an effort that officials say is designed to better inform the public before the policy is implemented on March 1.

The association launched the 30-second video, which highlights the new aspects of the protocol, at the Warwick Fire Department this morning. Retired R.I. Fire Chief Richard Susi, who serves as executive director of the association, said the video will be used on social media platforms and websites as a means of better informing the public and minimizing the impact of the changes during emergency response.

“It is important to get the message on these changes out, which is why we have taken the time to invest in the public service announcement,” Susi said. “These are changes that will very much be in view of the public and we want to make sure everyone is informed before needing to learn about it in an emergency.”

The new protocols, established based on American Heart Association standards, require that “resuscitative efforts should continue for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to moving the patient to the ambulance or transporting the patient.”

These efforts should occur regardless of proximity to a hospital or medical facility, the regulation reads, and resuscitation should occur at the location the patient is found unless there is a present and immediate danger to either the victim or a first responder. The regulation is available for public viewing on the Rhode Island Department of Health website. The new policy must be implemented by all Rhode Island first responders before March 1.

More information, including details of the protocol and how you can help using civilian CPR, visit the Rhode Island Association of Fire Chiefs website.

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